Polar Vortex: Ann Arbor, Michigan Style

Holidays in Nickel's Arcade | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

25 wintry days in the Great Lakes State.

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Septembering in San Diego

photo (9)

Five days in the San Diego sun.      Alternate title: palms on palms on palms.

Back in September,  I packed my bags and headed south to San Diego. The first time I’d visited SD, it was part of a cross-country road trip designed to provide a bit of adventure while helping a friend move home to Michigan. It was December and the weather was – as people kept trying to tell me – uncharacteristically awful. “It’s always sunny,” they said. “It’s never like this,” they said. Mmmhhmmm. I wasn’t buyin’ it. Imagine my surprise when, this time around, it was gorgeous every. single. day.

photo (11)

photo (12)

Pair perfect weather with my first real yoga experience, beaches galore, a chance to visit with great friends, and a surfing excursion to try to cure my intense, irrational fear of sharks, and  I’m SOLD. The shark fear is still lurking, but I’m already plotting a surf vacation for 2014 – so that’s progress, right?

photo (14)

photo (15)

1. Palms in Pacific Beach   
 2. Setting sun in Banker's Hill  
  3. Ain't no party like a housewarming party
(when a housewarming party got 'tats) 
   4. Sunset Cliffs   
 5. Homeward bound