To the SF Visitors of 2013: Thank You


A whole lotta love in 8 months + 9 days of San Francisco living.

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Finding Funston

photo (22)

A getaway for beach-lovers and fluffy dog enthusiasts. In other words, me.

Part of Golden Gate Recreation Area, Fort Funston is tucked into the southwest corner of San Francisco. The park has cliffs, paths, views for days, and a sandy beach. That being said, it’s still SF – so a jacket is still definitely required.

photo (18)

When planning my move to SF, I combed through Instagram, rabidly seeking and following accounts of Bay Area photographers, designers and all around IG stars. I wanted my feed to be inundated with gorgeous shots – in part to get me excited for the trek, but also to do all that I could to avoid changing my mind or backing out. Let me tell you, it worked.

Many shots I came across were from this mysterious Fort Funston, so when my roommate suggested a trip out one Sunday, I was all in.

photo (20)

Did I mention it’s an off-leash dog beach? If you hate fluffy, frolicking dogs, don’t go here. If your heart is melting just looking at this little guy below, then this is a place for you.

photo (17)

photo (19)
1. Fort Funston 
 2. Favorite time of day  
  3. Headed down the hill 
   4. Give me all the giant fluffy dogs   
 5. Parting view

Feels Like Fall

photo (10)

Keepin’ it easy breezy in California’s Central Valley.

Since moving to California, I’ve been really curious to see what Fall would look and feel like. Will it be crisp? Will it be cold? Will I get to see any color changes? And, perhaps most importantly, does my favorite season of all time even exist out here?

It’s November and I still don’t really have my answer. What I can say is that during a recent trip to Davis, it was windy and cold enough for me to wear this outfit, but sunny enough to be really pleased with the decision to work outside. I’ve also heard that in 2013 fall = fur (in my case, of the faux variety), so I say bring on the breeze.

photo (23)

photo (26)

photo (24)

Faux fur sweater, Forever 21.   
 Chambray half-button camp style shirt, Old Navy.
  Mug, borrowed
(with hopes of relocation to my cupboard).
Bison Bracelet, Papavier (gift). (woo Midwest!)
Triangle necklace, Urban Outfitters (gift).
Geometric ring, Forever 21.
Heart pinky rings (worn as stacking rings), Forever 21.
Sueded short zip boots, Old Navy. 

Septembering in San Diego

photo (9)

Five days in the San Diego sun.      Alternate title: palms on palms on palms.

Back in September,  I packed my bags and headed south to San Diego. The first time I’d visited SD, it was part of a cross-country road trip designed to provide a bit of adventure while helping a friend move home to Michigan. It was December and the weather was – as people kept trying to tell me – uncharacteristically awful. “It’s always sunny,” they said. “It’s never like this,” they said. Mmmhhmmm. I wasn’t buyin’ it. Imagine my surprise when, this time around, it was gorgeous every. single. day.

photo (11)

photo (12)

Pair perfect weather with my first real yoga experience, beaches galore, a chance to visit with great friends, and a surfing excursion to try to cure my intense, irrational fear of sharks, and  I’m SOLD. The shark fear is still lurking, but I’m already plotting a surf vacation for 2014 – so that’s progress, right?

photo (14)

photo (15)

1. Palms in Pacific Beach   
 2. Setting sun in Banker's Hill  
  3. Ain't no party like a housewarming party
(when a housewarming party got 'tats) 
   4. Sunset Cliffs   
 5. Homeward bound