Polar Vortex: Ann Arbor, Michigan Style

Holidays in Nickel's Arcade | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

25 wintry days in the Great Lakes State.

In December, I went home for the holidays. As a new California resident returning to the mitten for the first time, it became pretty clear that friends and family were expecting me to panic at the first sight of snow. I was convinced it would be no big deal, and I stuck to my guns until this thing called the Polar Vortex rolled into town, bringing  insanely cold weather and wind along with it. 

That being said, it was great to be home. I loved seeing friends and family, eating at some of my favorite hometown spots, taking late night snowy strolls, going ice skating and enjoying the winter weather. True to style, the month-long trip was not without its escapades – the Polar Vortex brought us two flat tires and a broken furnace for Christmas (I think the visual of a “home office” in the kitchen with our oven blasting wide open to heat the place sums it up nicely).

Polar Vortex Ski Hat Style | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

Packing (and dressing) for the weather have never been my strong suits. As a result, the only coat I brought to brave the Midwest had 3/4 length sleeves. To combat the cold, I scored a jacket from my mom (an early Christmas present and a steal at $20) then raided the family closet for anything to keep me warm. I swiped mom’s old cross-country ski hat, dad’s printed scarf of awesomeness and gloves on a string (you know, the kind that elementary school children wear). I’m wearing every single article in the photo above, as it was pretty much my daily uniform.

Julia Child & Pendleton Wool |Lansing, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

Good food, polka dot socks and a Pendleton wool blanket are really all I need in life. Luckily I had each during a trip to Lansing (Capital City what whaaaat).

bestie heart temporary tattoos | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

I got (temporarily) tatted up in Ann Arbor to ring in the new year with my bestie. 

Sam's on Liberty - Since 1946 | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

…and then the real snow began. Between the blizzard and the wind, the Polar Vortex cleared the streets – which made for a perfect photo excursion around town. 

Literati Bookstore | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

Literari on Liberty. 

Madeleine L'Engle quote window painting |Ann Arbor, Michigan| jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

“A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe.”–  Madeleine L’Engle. I do love me some great sign painting, and Literati has two windows of awesomeness. 

Happy Holidays from Nickels Arcade | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

Nickel’s Arcade, looking particularly festive if I do say so myself. 

Main Street Winter | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

I love the holiday lights on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor. Love love LOVE love love. 

Rock Paper Scissors | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

Of course, my personal happy place: Rock Paper Scissors. Stationery, punny letterpress cards with lots of expletives, and much much more. More than once customers told me “it’s like my Pinterest board exploded in here.” If you live in the SE Michigan/Ann Arbor area and haven’t visited, get thee to Rock Paper Scissors, stat.

Main Street Downtown | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

Parting shot. Adios Ann Arbor! 

Grizzly Peak Lumberjack | Ann Arbor, Michigan | jessicamakolin.wordpress.com

And because no one can resist and handsome lumberjack, a bonus pic from Grizzly Peak Brewing Company. Happy Holidays from A2.

1. Nickel's Arcade & the Polar Vortex.  
 2. Stealing mom's ski hat swag. 
  3. Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child
 50th Anniversary Edition, Pendelton wool blanket,
 Target polka dot socks. 
   4. "Bestie's" tattoo by Tattly, 
purchased at Rock Paper Scissors.   
 5. Sam's Clothing - Since 1946.
6. Literati Bookstore.
7. Window painting at Literati.
8. Nickel's Arcade, located at 
326 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.
9. Main Street Ann Arbor.
10. Rock Paper Scissors.
11. Main Street Ann Arbor.
12. Lumberjack window signage for Grizzly Peak.

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