To the SF Visitors of 2013: Thank You


A whole lotta love in 8 months + 9 days of San Francisco living.

2013 was kinda a crazy year.

Lots of new places, lots of new people – my first time living outside the state of Michigan! It was exciting to have the opportunity to explore new destinations across the country during our road trip to San Francisco, and it’s been an adventure trying to take advantage of all the beautiful things California has to offer now that we’re here!

To the people who joined us for some of our Bay Area antics – thank you. Exploring our new city has been exponentially more fun with your friendly faces along for the ride. Lots of love to each and every one of you.

In 2014, we’re hoping to be better about documenting our past, present and future escapades right here, in our own little corner of the internet. I take a lot of pictures. And since my trusty (surprisingly, still in one piece!) iPhone keeps telling me I’ve run out of space, this seems as good a place as any for our favorite images to call home. (Now mom, will you please stop complaining that I never post any pictures to Facebook?)

To those of you who want in on the fun (or are planning a return visit) – 2014 dates to sometimes sunny San Francisco are now officially open.

2013 visitors, from left to right:
1. Kyle at Outside Lands 
in Golden Gate Park
 2. Jack at the Tonga Room 
in the Fairmont Hotel
  3. Aussies at their Airbnb in Noe Valley
   4. SF marathon 
(okay it's a filler pic. so sue us)  
 5. Shannon & Donna at Ghiardelli Square
6. Morgan & Jamie in Sonoma
7. Ariel in Dolores Park
8. Pierre & Amira at Ocean Beach
9. Pam at Mile Rock Beach
off the Lands End Trail
10. Jenna & Tim with a view of Alcatraz
11. Al at Ken Ken Ramen
12. Kathy, Shannon, Val & Donna 
and the Golden Gate Bridge
13. First SF weekend, Dolores Park
14. Mark & crew at Mint Karaoke Lounge
15. Al & Fil at China Beach
16. Morgan & Megan riding a cable car
17. Luke at the Japanese Tea Gardens
18. Robyn at Fisherman's Wharf
(smushed pennies!)
19. Jesslyn in the Mission
20. Siena & Katherine at Battery East
21. Grandma! (in Citrus Heights)
22. Julia & Ariel in Dolores Park
23. Charlene in Dolores Park
24. Sassy Cassie at Yerba Buena Gardens
25. Mikey on a rooftop in North Beach

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